Meloa de Santa Maria — Açores IGP

Description: Meloa de Santa Maria — Açores’ is a reticulated cantaloupe melon of the species Cucumis melo L.
The fruit is round to oval in shape, has a markedly reticulated rind that is greenish when unripe and turns greenish yellow as it ripens and soft, aromatic orange-coloured flesh that tastes sweet and juicy when ripe.

Ginja de Óbidos e Alcobaça GI

Description: Ginja de Óbidos e Alcobaça is the name given to the fruit of the ‘Galega’ cultivar, a member of the Rosaceae family, sub-family of stone fruit, genus Prunus, species Prunus cera-sus L., obtained in the geographical area, essentially characterised by its red colour, small size, slightly flattened form.

Pêra Rocha do Oeste PDO

Description: The Pêra Rocha do Oeste PDO is a pear of the Pyrus communis L species, also called Rocha.

Maracujá de São Miguel / Açores PDO

Description: Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO is the fruit of the species Passiflora edulis Sims.

Maçã da Cova da Beira PGI

Description: The Maçã da Cova da Beira PGI is an apple of the Malus domestica Borkh species and is grown in three varieties: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and the Jersey Mac. The particular flavour and quality of these apples is conferred by the micro-climate and soil in the area.

Pêssego Maracotão

Descrição: Fruto redondo da espécie Prunus persica, com 80 a 100 g de peso, de cor amarela, polpa rija e compacta, aderente ao caroço e pele ligeiramente pilosa. Existem duas variedades de Pêssego Maracotão: o branco, cuja maturação ocorre entre agosto e setembro, e o amarelo, de maturação mais tardia, entre fins de setembro e outubro.