Maracujá de São Miguel / Açores PDO

Description: Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO is the fruit of the species Passiflora edulis Sims.

Production method: Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO is a climbing plant cultivated in a trellis. The plant is grown from seeds. The plantation density is 480 plants per hectare, except in the more favourable regions of the island, where the density of the plantation is 105 plants per hectare. Maracujá de São Miguel / Açores PDO plants are replaced every three years.

Special features: Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO has an ovoid shape, with a diameter of 5 to 6 cm, with smooth, shiny coriaceous rind and uniform purple coloration. The pulp is yellow, very juicy, slightly acidic and with small black, oval and flat seeds, surrounded by a viscous and juicy tasteful film. It has an intense, strong and characteristic scent.

Production area: Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO passion fruit is grown on the island of S. Miguel, in the Azores.

History: It is assumed that the Maracujá dos Açores / S. Miguel PDO have been introduced in this region as a consequence of the Portuguese Discoveries. However, passion fruit is today an almost spontaneous plant in the Azores where, in addition to its use as an ornamental plant, it is consumed in many different ways.

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Geographical area

Producer group
FRUTAÇOR - Cooperativa Agrícola Açoriana de Hortofruticultura, C. R. L

Control and certification body
Comissão Técnica de Controlo e Certificação - Instituto de Alimentação e Mercados Agrícolas

Publication in EU official journal
Regulamento (CE) nº 1107/96 da Comissão - L 148 21.06.1996
Rectificação ao Regulamento (CE) nº 1107/96 da Comissão, de 12 de Junho de 1996 - OJ L290 13.11.1996