Sidra Madeira PGI

Description: SIDRA DA MADEIRA: The beverage obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of the natural must (first-pressed juice) of fresh apples (Malus domestica Borkh.), and sometimes of mix of fresh apples and pears (Pyrus communis L.), from traditional varieties and from other varieties of these species produced in Madeira Island.
The combinations of varieties and species of fresh fruits used to produce SIDRA DA MADEIRA, make it to present different colours that can go from bright citrus to dark yellow, with orange nuances, and it may either have a turbid aspect or a clearer one, when filtered.
SIDRA DA MADEIRA is usually still, not too sweet and light, and it unfolds, showing harmony between the acidity and bitterness, ending up dry and standing out due to the presence of apple in its scent and flavour, as well as to the freshness granted by its unique acidity.


Descrição: Vinho doce com teor alcoólico elevado dada a adição da aguardente.

Aguardente de Cana

Descrição: Bebida alcoólica de cor clara, ou escura se se tratar de aguardente envelhecida. Possui um teor alcoólico que oscila entre 71° e 72°. É comercializada engarrafada ou a granel, principalmente para as indústrias produtoras e engarrafadoras de licores.

Rum da Madeira IGP

Description: Rum da Madeira PGI is a rum produced in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), obtained exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice with a minimum alcoholic strength of 37.5% vol., a content of volatile substances equal to or less than 225 grams per hectolitre of alcohol at 100% vol. and a total dry extract equal to or less than 5 grams per liter for natural rum and 20 grams per liter for the aged rum and benefited rum.

Poncha da Madeira IGP

Description: Poncha da Madeira PGI is a liqueur of the Madeira Autonomous Region (RAM) which must be produced with Rum da Madeira PGI and regional fruits.
The Poncha Madeira PGI offers a wide range of aromas and flavors, arising from the use of fruit, different combinations of ingredients and the art of each producer.
It is a traditionally opaque drink whose color varies from citrus to gold, sometimes with greenish reflections due to the fruits pulp and juice. It may, however, present a different color depending on the fruit used.

Medronho do Algarve IGP

Description: The Medronho do Algarve PGI is a spirit fruit drink produced exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of fleshy fruits of Arbutus unedo L. (strawberry tree) or of its must (with or without stone), coming from a natural habitat of their geographical area of production.