Carne Ramo Grande PDO

Description: Ramo Grande meat is obtained from cattle of the Ramo Grande breed. It is a clear red color meat, becoming more intense in contact with the air and with the age of the animal, firm consistency resulting from the presence of interfascicular connective tissue in proportion and with an intrinsic aromatic smell of the species. The fat is well distributed, pearly white in color and has a firm consistency after the carcass has cooled. It has no greasiness.

Carne de Bravo do Ribatejo PDO

Description: The Carne de Bravo do Ribatejo PDO beef comes from the cutting of carcasses of Brava de Lide Breed. Intramuscular fat is very characteristic in these carcasses, with a general appearance called marbling (very fine fibers distributed in muscle tissue), contributing to succulence, firmness and flavor of the meat. It has a color red and dark cherry, and pH lower than 6.

Carne de Bovino Cruzado dos Lameiros do Barroso PGI

Description: The Carne de Bovino Cruzado dos Lameiros do Barroso PGI beef is produced from a traditionally, extensively reared breed in the Terras do Barroso area, a well-watered region of woods and marshes.

Carne Mirandesa DOP

Description: The Carne Mirandesa PDO beef is made with bovine meat of Mirandesa breed. It’s a meat with fat evenly distributed and light pink color to light red color.

Carne Mertolenga DOP

Description: The Carne Mertolenga PDO beef is made from  Mertolenga breed of cattle. It's a meat with white to yellow fat, depending the animal age. Has a dark rose to dark red color.

Carne Marinhoa DOP

Description: The Carne Marinhoa PDO beef is made with bovine meat of Marinhoa breed. It is a meat with homogeneous white fat to yellowish and pink color to dark red color, varying according to the animal age.