Cordeiro Bragançano

Description: The Cordeiro Bragançano PDO meat comes from lambs of the Churra Galega Bragançana breed born and raised in a traditional extensive operating system and slaughtered with three to four months of age. It is a very tender, juicy and soft meat, with a consistent non-exudative fat. The medium weight of carcasses should be between 10 and 12 kg.

Cordeiro de Barroso PGI (Anho de Barroso, Borrego de Leite de Barroso)

Description: The Cordeiro de Barroso PGI is produced from the Churra Galega and Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho breeds of sheep. It is also known as Anho de Barroso or Borrego de Leite de Barroso

Borrego de Montemor-o-Novo PGI

Description: The Borrego de Montemor-o-Novo PGI is lamb produced from the White Merino breed of sheep found in the Alentejo area.

Borrego da Beira PGI

Description: The Borrego da Beira PGI is the meat produced from small statured lambs, which are cross bred from three different breeds: the Churra do Campo or Marialveira, the Churra Mondegueira and the Merino da Beira Baixa.

Borrego do Baixo Alentejo PGI

Description: The Borrego do Baixo Alentejo PGI descends from the crossing of two breeds of sheep, the Campaniça and the White Merino with other non native breeds.

Borrego do Nordeste Alentejano IGP

Description: The Borrego do Nordeste Alentejano PGI meat comes from lambs born of Merino Branco ewes, either of pure breed or crossbread with improving breeds. It is a tender and juicy meat with a soft texture and some intramuscular fat that gives it a distinctive and intense flavor. Commercially, the Borrego do Nordeste Alentejano PGI can be presented in carcases, parts of carcases or cuts. Only the lambs born, raised and slaughtered inside the designated geographical area are eligible to achieve this geographical indication.