Cordeiro Bragançano

Description: The Cordeiro Bragançano PDO meat comes from lambs of the Churra Galega Bragançana breed born and raised in a traditional extensive operating system and slaughtered with three to four months of age. It is a very tender, juicy and soft meat, with a consistent non-exudative fat. The medium weight of carcasses should be between 10 and 12 kg.

Production method: The basis of lambs feed is the maternal milk. After two months of age, their diet can be supplemented from the resources of the regional flora. It is forbidden to feed the animals with products that may interfere with their growth and development (hormones, antibiotics, sulphonamides, anabolic steroids, etc.).

Special features: The quality of Cordeiro Bragançano PDO meat is due to the breed, but mainly to the fact that the animals graze most of the year. As a consequence, they present firm muscles and a balanced fat level, their meat presenting a uniform marbled fat.

Production area: Occupying the region of Terra Fria Transmontana, the production area of Cordeiro Bragançano PDO encompasses the municipalities of Bragança and Vinhais.

History: The Churra Galega Bragançana breed is as old as the history of Tras-os-Montes livestock. Factors that contributed to differentiate the Churra Galega Bragançana breed from Churra Galega Mirandesa breed were differences in agro-ecological conditions that occur in the Cold Earth Transmontana in particular the required between the mountain and the Planalto Mirandês. It was the Celts who crossed the native sheep with sheep brought, thus obtaining the primitive trunk churro, from which also derives the Churra Galega Bragança breed. It is a very hardy breed and well suited the geographic and climatic conditions of the Cold Earth Transmontana.

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Control and certification body
TRADIÇÃO E QUALIDADE - Assoc. Interprof. Produtos Agro-Alimentares de Trás-os-Montes

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Regulamento de Execução (UE) n.º 1034/2012 da Comissão – L308/9 08.11.2012

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Despacho n.º 26306/2009 – 03.12.2009
Aviso n.º 5555/2007 – 23.03.2007
Aviso n.º 2506/2005 (2ª série), de 11.03.2005
Aviso n.º25/94 (2ª série), de 31.1.1994
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