Azeite de Trás-os-Montes DOP

Description: Extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil produced from the varieties of olive Verdeal transmontana, Madural, Cobrançosa, Cordovil and others.

Azeites do Norte Alentejano DOP

Description: Extra virgin olive oil made from Galega olive variety (a minimum of 65%), can be tolerated the olives varieties of Azeiteira, Blanqueta, Redondil and Carrasquenha in a maximum of 5% and Cobrançosa in a maximum of 10%.

Azeites da Beira Interior DOP (Azeites da Beira Alta e Beira Baixa)

Description: Extra virgin olive oils and virgin olive oils, made from the olives varieties Galega, Verdeal Cobrançosa e Cordovil, but grown in two different areas, Beira Baixa and Beira Alta.

Azeites do Alentejo Interior DOP

Description: Xtra virgin olive oil made mechanically from Galega Vulgar olive variety (60%), Cordovil de Serpa and/or Cobrançosa, presents, a maximum of 40%.
Olives of other varieties may be used up to maximum of 5%, excluding, the Picual and Maçanilha varieties.

Azeites do Ribatejo DOP

Description: Extra virgin olive oil made from Galega and Lentisca olive varieties.

Azeite de Moura DOP

Description: "Azeite de Moura" is an extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, obtained by mechanical processes, from olives of the Galega, Verdeal and Cordovil varieties which produce an olive oil with its own chemical and sensory characteristics. The Verdeal variety is included in the composition of the oil with a maximum of 15 - 20%, the Cordovil variety with a minimum of 35 - 40% and the Galega variety with the remaining percentage.