Azeites do Ribatejo DOP

Description: Extra virgin olive oil made from Galega and Lentisca olive varieties.

Production method: The olives are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, transported and stored in mill, not longer than 48 hours.
After the washing and crushing processes, the olive paste is heated at maximum temperature of 35 °C, to improve the oil separation process. This can be made for two ways: the traditional with presses and, the modern, with centrifuges.
In the first one process, the paste is pressed in a hydraulic press to separate the liquid and solid phases. The liquid phase is decanted to separate the oil from the water.
In the second one process, the paste is placed in horizontal centrifuge, where also occurs the separation of the phases. The liquid phase proceed to vertical centrifuge, where is obtained the olive oil.

Distinctive features: Azeites do Ribatejo PDO are low in acidity, slightly thick and has a fruity taste. The color is a golden yellow with occasional hints of green.
The soil of the area where this oil is produced is principally lime, which together with the Mediterranean climate provides the ideal conditions for olive cultivation.

Production area: The geographic area is circumscribed to the concils of Abrantes, Alcanena, Alcobaça, Alvaiázere, Azambuja, Cartaxo, Constância, Entroncamento, Ferreira do Zêzere, Gavião, Golegã, Mação, Ourém, Pombal, Porto de Mós, Santarém, Sardoal, Tomar, Vila de Rei, Vila Nova da Barquinha and Torres Novas.

History: Since the times of first kings of Portugal, Santarem has been considered one of the principle centers for the production of olive oil. The origins of Azeites do Ribatejo PDO date to the 18th century, when the tradicional varieties of olive were replaced with Galega variety which was more resistant to diseases. Olive cultivation here became famous during the last century because of the attention given to it by the writer, Alexandre Herculano, who introduced many innovations in olive oil process.

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Geographical area

Producer group
Associação dos Agricultores do Ribatejo

Control and certification body
CERTIS - Controlo e Certificação, Lda

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
JOUE C 56 22.2.2011
Reg. (UE) n.º 1299/2011-L330 14.12.2011
Reg. (CE) n.º 1107/96-L290 13.11.1996
Reg. (CE) n.º 1107/96-L148 21.06.1996

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Despacho n.º 28/94 (2ª série) 04.04.1994