Azeite de Moura DOP

Description: "Azeite de Moura" is an extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, obtained by mechanical processes, from olives of the Galega, Verdeal and Cordovil varieties which produce an olive oil with its own chemical and sensory characteristics. The Verdeal variety is included in the composition of the oil with a maximum of 15 - 20%, the Cordovil variety with a minimum of 35 - 40% and the Galega variety with the remaining percentage.

Production method: Only healthy olives are harvested and in full ripeness, and it is recommended that they be transported to the mill, in a short period of time, in medium-sized containers that allow good air circulation. In the mill, the olives must be cleaned and washed as soon as possible, and the storage time after cleaning and washing before milling should not exceed 24 hours. The olives are separated according to their origin, variety and quality. The milling must take place in a period of time up to 48 h after the harvest. The temperature of the batter should not exceed 30 ⁰C, with a minimum of 23-30 minutes for classic press systems and a minimum of 50 minutes for continuous centrifugation systems. The separation of the liquid phase - solid phase will be done by pressure or by centrifugation. The separation of the liquid phases (water, olive oil) is achieved by decanting or centrifuging. The oil is stored in tanks at a temperature of 15-16 ⁰C.
Special features: Yellow-green olive oil with aroma and fruity flavor assigned to it by the Galega and Verdeal varieties and rich in monounsaturated fatty acids mainly arising from the Cordovil variety.
Production area: The geographical area comprises the municipality of Moura; parishes: Póvoa de São Miguel, Amareleja, S. João Baptista, S. Agostinho, S. Amador, Safara, S. Aleixo da Restauração e Sobral D’Adiça; Municipality of Serpa; parishes: Pias, Vale de Vargo, Vila Verde de Ficalho, Brinches, S. Maria, Salvador e Vila Nova de S. Bento; Municipality of Mourão; parishes: Granja.

Link with the geographical area: The defined geographical area is characterized by a certain homogeneity of soils, with smooth and moderate slopes, where the Cordovil, Galega and Verdeal varieties predominate. These characteristics and the markedly Mediterranean agroclimatic conditions, with hot and dry summers, give rise to an olive oil with chemical and physical characteristics and, above all, markedly differentiated organoleptic characteristics.
History: Moura, the olive tree and the olive oil are linked since ancient times, as already the Romans came here to find the culture of olive tree and olive oil production. Even today, millennial olive trees can be found in the region. The saying “as fine as Moura's olive oil” continues to live in today's language.
Control and certification body
Kiwa Sativa – Unipessoal, Lda.
Control plan
Control plan (pdf)
Publication in EU official journal
REG (CE) n.º 1107.1996 L148 12.06.1996