Paia de Lombo de Estremoz e Borba PGI

Description: Paia de Lombo de Estremoz e Borba PGI is a smoke-cured sausage, cylindrical, with 20 to 45 cm in length and 6 to 10 cm in diameter, made from a whole loin of Alentejana breed of pig, sometimes with the addition of up to 10% of streaks of fatty tissue. To this are added salt, water, ground pepper and dried garlic cloves. It has a reddish-black colour, smooth and unshiny, with quite a firm consistency. The smell is pleasant and mild, garlicky flavour, smoked with a balance between sweet and salty. The fat is aromatic with a pleasant flavour and the texture is gristle-free and fairly smooth.

Sangueira de Barroso-Montalegre PGI

Description: Sangueira de Barroso-Montalegre PGI is a horseshoe-shaped smoked sausage, with a diameter of approximately 3 cm, made from meat, fat and blood of pure or cross bred Bísaro pigs and wheat bread, seasoned with salt, garlic, wine, chilli and/or red bell pepper, parsley, onion and olive oil. It is black in colour and has a rough exterior. Its interior consists in a soft and dry paste in which small pieces of meat are visible.

Alheira de Mirandela PGI

Description: The Alheira de Mirandela PGI is a yellow-brownish, horseshoe-shaped smoked sausage, approximately 25 cm long, with a diameter of 3cm and weighing 150 to 200 g. Its ingredients are: meat of pure or cross bread Bísaro pigs, poultry meat, game meat (facultative), regional wheat bread, pork lard and Trás-os-Montes DOP olive oil, or similar, seasoned with salt, garlic and paprika. The paste looks uneven, and it is constituted by a thin, lumpy pulp, in which realize pieces of shredded meats.

Cacholeira Branca de Portalegre PGI

Description: Cacholeira Branca de Portalegre PGI is a cylindrical, horseshoe-shaped sausage, with a length of up to 50 cm and a diameter of 30 to 50 mm, obtained from the offal (liver, spleen, heart and pancreas) and fat of pigs from the alentejana breed, added with salt and, eventually, garlic and cumin. It has a dark brown to shiny grayish exterior appearance. When cut, it presents a marbled mass with a variety of brown to gray tones. It has a soft or delicate flavor, just slightly salty.

Salpicão de Vinhais IGP

Description: The Salpicão de Vinhais PGI is a traditional smoked sausage made from the meat of Bísaro breed pigs. It is a 15-20 cm long sausage, with a cylindrical shape and a diameter of 5 to 8 cm. It has a dark chestnut external colour, the interior being bright red and white. It has a smoky flavor, with hints of wine.

Chouriça de Sangue de Melgaço IGP

Description: The Chouriça de Sangue de Melgaço PGI is a smoked sausage, obtained from bloody pigmeat trimmings, pork fat and blood. It is a horseshoe-shaped sausage, with a diameter of 2 to 4 cm and a length of between 20 cm and 35 cm. It has a fairly smooth black outside colour and is moderately moist on the surface. An oblique cut reveals a well-bound filling, paté-like in appearance, in which the meat and fat is irregularly distributed, conferring a range of colours according to the proportion and type of raw material used.