Batata Doce de Aljezur IGP

Description: Batata doce de Aljezur PGI (Aljezur sweet potato) is the adventitious, fleshy, tuberous root of the plant Ipomoea batatas (L.) (syn. Batatas edulis) of the Lira variety and Convolvulaceae family. Elongated and pear shaped, its skin is purple or reddish brown and its flesh yellow. Its size varies between 8,5x4,0 cm and 16,5×7,1 cm and it reaches a weight of between 50 and 450 g. It has a sweet taste and its texture is not very fibrous. When eaten raw its taste is similar to that of chestnuts.

Arroz Carolino das Lezírias Ribatejanas IGP

Description: Arroz Carolino das Lezírias Ribatejanas PGI means the hulled caryopsis of the Aríete variety (2nd generation) of the Japonica subspecies of the Oryza sativa L. plant, duly dried, shelled, whitened and polished.

Batata de Trás-os-Montes IGP

Description: The Batata de Trás-os-Montes PGI is a tuber of Solanum tuberosum L., a plant of the Solanaceae family, commonly known as the potato plant, grown under the special agri-environmental conditions found in the mountains and valleys of Trás-os-Montes. The cultivars used are: Desiree, Kennebec, Jaerla and Atlantic. Its shape is roughly cylindrical and tends to vary depending on the variety, but is homogeneous within each variety and batch. The skin consists of a layer of suberised cells, light in colour, i.e. from dirty white to a reddish chestnut. When cut, it has a moist, yellowish-white and perfectly even appearance, without eyes. The outside has a suberised layer, almost always slightly darker (light pink or reddish) than the inside.

Arroz Carolino do Baixo Mondego PGI

Description: Arroz Carolino do Baixo Mondego means the hulled caryopsis of different varieties (such as Ariete, Eurosis, Augusto, Vasco and Luna) of the Japonica subspecies of Oryza sativa L. species which, due to its cultivation in the Baixo Mondego region, after husking and milling, has a moisture content of 13% or less.

Couve Penca de Chaves

Descrição: A Couve Penca é a parte comestível (pé, folhas e olho) da couve portuguesa, Brassica oleracea, variedade Tronchuda. É uma planta de tamanho grande, com peso de 8 a 10 kg, de diâmetro inferior a 90 cm, caule grosso a médio e longo, cicatriz foliar grande, 10 a 12 folhas de pecíolo e folha grande arredondada, elíptica ou reniforme, de cor verde a verde-clara, com margem subinteira ou crenada, de muitas nervuras brancas em ambas as páginas e pseudo-repolho central muito grande, elíptico ou irregular. É uma couve muito tenra.

Batata-Doce doa Açores

Descrição: É a raiz tuberculosa, comestível e de sabor adocicado da Ipamoea Batata (L.) Poir, também denominada batata da ilha.