Carne de Bísaro Transmontano / Carne de Porco Transmontano DOP

Description: The Carne de Bísaro Transmontano / Carne de Porco Transmontano PDO meat comes from piglets (slaughtered no older than 45 days) or castrated males or females (slaughtered no younger than 8 months) of the Bísaro breed, raised traditionally. Piglets have a carcass weight of up to 12 kg, pigs have a carcass weight of at least 60 kg. Commercially it can be presented in carcasses or hemi carcasses, or in whole pieces or cuts packaged in vacuum.

Production method: The pigs are raised in a traditional semi extensive system, based on products and by-products of local agriculture. The farms must have enough area either to produce feed or for the animals to graze and recreate themselves. The stalling occurs only during the winter. In October and November the farmers take their animals to chestnut groves, taking advantage of the fallen chestnuts left on the ground. Feeding is diversified, depending on the annual crops produced and based on a mixture of cereals (normally wheat, maize, rye, oats) supplemented with vegetables, fruits, green cereals, chestnuts, etc.

Special features: When grilled, the Carne de Bísaro Transmontano / Carne de Porco Transmontano PDO meat has very distinctive flavor, inherent to the way the animals are raised and fed.

Production area: Occupying 10,936 km2, the production area of Carne de Bísaro Transmontano / Carne de Porco Transmontano PDO encompasses the districts of Bragança and Vila Real.

History: The antiquity and importance of pig farming in this region are witnessed by the existence of several pre-Christian zoomorphic sculptures and references in various Grounds of Municipalities of the region to the taxation of pigs and their products. Creation of pigs of the Bísara breed is of crucial importance for the maintenance of traditional production systems, as well as for the "family" economy of small farms. The animals, raised extensivly, are particularly well suited to the hardiness of the region, the harsh climate and local feed.

Product specification (pdf)

Geographical area

Producer group
ANCSUB - Associação Nacional de Criadores de Suínos da Raça Bísara

Control and certification body
TRADIÇÃO E QUALIDADE – Associação Interprofissional de Produtos Agro-Alimentares de Trás-os-Montes

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
Regulamento de Execução (UE) n.º 1485/2007 da Comissão – L330/13 15.12.2007
Publicação de um pedido de registo (2007/C 89/07) – C89/23 24.04.2007

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Despacho n.º 16840/2005 – 04.08.2005
Aviso n.º 3274/2005 – 30.03.2005