Manteiga dos Açores

Description: “Manteiga dos Açores” means butter obtained exclusively from pasteurized cream from cow's milk, with or without the addition of salt. It is not allowed the use of reconstituted milk. “Manteiga dos Açores” is characterized by being a product:
- Without any addition of lactic ferments, food coloring or preservatives,
- Betacarotene ≥5 mg values KOH / g (liquid chromatography method with high efficiency);
- Intense color, aroma and flavor marked by a fresh and dairy taste.

Production method: “Manteiga dos Açores” is obtained from pasteurized cream of cow's milk originating only from the defined geographical area of the Azores Archipelago, where the animals are raised with local techniques of traditional management and have access to continuous grazing during all months of the year.

Special features: The high values of betacarotene give a natural and more intense color to the butter, a consequence of the typical feeding of animals based on pastures.

Production area: The geographical area of production and packaging of “Manteiga dos Açores” is the Archipelago of the Azores.

History: The relationship between the Azores, Azorean butter and its notoriety is unanimously recognized, and its popularity goes back to the 16th century, since, for example, even Gaspar Frutuoso, the oldest Azorean chronicler in his book “Saudades da Terra ”(1580-1590), in volume III, stated that “… milk is very thick and thus makes a lot of butter, and nowhere do cows give more… ”
Dated from 1896, the first allusion to butter produced in the Azores, as mentioned by Vítor Machado Faria and Maia in his publications “Dairy products in the district of Ponta Delgada”, where he quotes “… the dairy factory Leopoldina even sold 100 kilograms weekly in packages of 250 at the establishment of George Hayes, who at that time was the grocery store with the best customers… ”

Product specification (pdf)

Producer group
CALL – Centro Açoriano de Leite e Lacticínios

Control and certification body
IAMA, IPR. - Instituto de Alimentação e Mercados Agrícolas

Publication in EU official journal
JOUE C 255 de 20.07.2023
JOUE L 2627 de 24.11.2023

Publication in the portuguese official journal
Despacho n.º 7/2020/A - 03.11.2020