Portugal has an extensive and diverse range of food from traditional nature, associated with each of the regions of the country and to Mediterranean diet, which resulted from the cultural influence in the preparation of these foods, the living heritage of a unique and rich gastronomic patrimony.

The identity of the country is intertwined with local and regional products, closely linked to the various agricultural production systems and with the wide range of local resources, traditions and associated knowledge. Traditional products promote processes of obtaining less processed foods with fewer additives or preservatives, with raw materials based on indigenous resources and therefore more adapted to the climate and soils conditions. Likewise traditional products contribute to the environment protection and food safety, meeting the consumer preference for more genuine products and authentic flavors.

Promotion and enhancing the value of traditional products are activities that contribute to the sustainable development of the territory and also to the preservation and maintenance of this national heritage, whose survey is the starting point.
Therefore the DGADR in collaboration with the Federação Portuguesa das Confrarias Gastronómicas (FPCG) has been performing a systematic survey of the traditional Portuguese recipes, providing this information in the inventory of traditional Portuguese products.