Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI

Description: The Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI is a sausage made from the meat and fat of the Alentejana breed of pig seasoned with garlic, ground pepper and salt.

Production method: The pork meat and fat is cut into pieces of less than 3 cm, to which dried garlic, ground pepper, salt and water is added. The mixture thus attained is left to marinate for two days at a temperature of no higher than 5 °C and in 90-95% humidity. Then the casing (the small intestine of the pig, previously washed in water, salt and vinegar) is filled with the meat and seasoning mixture and tied with red and white pure cotton string. The smoking process is carried out over a holm oak wood fire at a low temperature, between 30 ºC and 40 ºC for at least three days.

Special features: The acorn is the principal ingredient fed to pigs for the making of Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI which gives this sausage a superb and very particular flavour. The Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI is about 30 cm long and has a diameter of 2-3 cm. It has a wrinkled appearance and is dark in colour, from reddish to black. It is in the typical horse shoe shape with tiny knots of string at the ends. It has a pleasing smoked and garlic aroma and a taste delicately bilance between sweet and salty.

Production area: The Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI is made in the municipal areas of Borba, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa and Alandroal, in the Évora district.

History: Each of the varieties of sausages made in Portugal reflect the regional differences, such as the different types of meat and the different breeds of pig. All these products have particular characteristics owed to the climate, the geography and the requirements and traditions of the local population. Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba PGI came from the necessity to preserve Alentejana pork meat for the whole year round given that the pigs were normally slaughtered once a year around Christmas time.

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Geographical area

Producer group
APETAL - Agrupamento de Produtores de Enchidos Tradicionais do Alentejo Lda.

Control and certification body

Publication in EU official journal
Regulamento (CE) nº 1258/2004 da Comissão de 8.07.2004
Regulamento (CEE) nº 2081/92 do Conselho - C 102/2 de 27.4.2002

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Aviso n.º 2600/2005 – 15.03.2005
Despacho n.º 9170/2004 – 07.05.2004
Despacho n.º 18910/2002 – 26.08.2002
Aviso n.º 11444/2000 – 21.07.2000
Despacho n.º 9081/2000 – 03.05.2000
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