Azeitonas de Conserva de Elvas e Campo Maior DOP

Description: The azeitona de Conserva de Elvas and Campo Maior PDO is a fruit from the olive tree (Olea europeae sativa Hoffg Link) in the Azeiteira, Carrasquenha, Redondil e Conserva varieties.
The most of these varieties has a low ability to produce olive oil, but a high olive production, perfect to preserves.

Production method: The olives are harvested at the degree of ripeness required to following technological processes:

  • preservation by drying in brine of green sweet olives;
  • preservation by drying in brine of natural grind green olives;
  • preservation by drying in brine of natural chopped mix olives.

The olives can be also stuffed or flavored with oregano and / or thyme.

Distinctive features: Elvas and Campo Maior regions have a medium temperature (22 °C) ideal for fermentation process in brine. More precipitation zone characteristic, and also the depth and soil fertility, that provides the distinct characteristics to the fruits.

Production area: Azeitona de Conserva de Elvas and Campo Maior PDO olives are exclusively produced, transformated and conditioned in the Elvas and Campo Maior counties.

History: Already in decade of 50s Campo Maior and Elvas regions was distinguished as areas propitious to olive production, not only because its olive varieties, but also because the soil, frequently ploughed and dredged.
This cultivation dates back to the 1900s when some varieties were officially recorded and are still being grown today.

Product specification (pdf)  azeitona elvas1

Geographical area

Producer group
AGRODELTA – Indústrias Alimentares Lda

Control and certification body
AGRICERT, Certificação de Produtos Alimentares, Lda

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
Reg. (CE) n.º 148/2007 - L46 16.02.2007

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Aviso n.º 4314/2005, de 21.04.2005
Aviso n.º 11027/2004, de 23.11.2004
Despacho n.º 1884/2001, de 30.01.2001