Carne Mertolenga DOP

Description: The Carne Mertolenga PDO beef is made from  Mertolenga breed of cattle. It's a meat with white to yellow fat, depending the animal age. Has a dark rose to dark red color.

Production method: The cows are reared in extensively method, having access to the different pastures and fodders as hay and straw.

Distinctive features: Cattle of the Mertolenga breed have medium sized animal, reddish coat, “rosilho” or red and white piebald and white horns.
Have a quality food with high favor and succulence.
The Carne Mertolenga  PDO beef can be sold as: “carne de vitela” from cows slaughtered between 6 and 10 months old and weighing between 90Kg and 120 kg; “carne de novilho”, cows slaughtered between 15 and 30 months old, weighing between 180 kg and 250 kg.

Production area: Carne Mertolenga PDO beef is produced in the districts of Beja, Évora, Portalegre, Santarém and Setúbal.

History: The cattle breed Mertolenga is provided of Mértola and Alcoutim. From this regions the cattle that has adapted to rocky soils with little food was dispersed to other regions of Alentejo and Ribatejo.
Its rearing and commercialization have been very important to the income of cattle farmers which became essential for the conservation of the specie.

Product specification (pdf)

Geographical area

Producer group
Associação de Criadores de Bovinos Mertolengos

Control and certification body
CERTIS - Controlo e Certificação, Lda

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
Reg. (UE) 2022/630 da Comissão – L117 19.04.2022
Reg. (CE) n.º 1107/96 – L148 21.06.1996
Publicação 2021/C 514/04

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Despacho n.º 25200/2006 (2ª série) 11.12.2006
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