Carne Maronesa DOP

Description: The Carne Maronesa PDO beef is produced with cattle of Maronesa breed, from delimited area of Marão, Alvão and Padrela mountains.
It's a meat with white to ivory white fat, depending the animal age. The muscle varies from pink to dark red color, also depending of the animal age.

Production method: The cows are reared in traditional farming system, used as fertilization way of soils.
Its feed and local depends of the age. The calves until 2/3 months olds are exclusively fed with maternal milk. Then this period is added hay, corn flour, simple or mixed with potatoes and an herb to the diet.
The cows has mixed feeding method. They are fed mostly outdoor but also in stall, when atmospheric conditions are more adverse for the pastures.

Distinctive features: The Maronesa cattle breed is a mountain, primitive, natural and rustic breed. Have the main physic special features its dark brown to black hair with lighter tuft in head. They are responsible for simple and delicate aroma, and incredibly tasty and succulent Carne Maronesa PDO beef.
This beef can be sold as: “carne de vitela” from cows slaughtered between 5 and 9 months old and weighing between 75 kg and 130 kg; “carne de novilho”, cows slaughtered between 9 and 24 months old, weighing at least 130 kg; lastly “carne de vaca”, cows slaughtered between 2 and 4 years old with weight between 200 to 300 kg.

Production area: Carne Maronesa PDO is produced in the municipal areas of Cabeceiras de Basto, Mondim de Basto, Ribeira de Pena, Vila pouca de Aguiar, Vila Real, Amarante, Boticas, Chaves, Montalegre, Murça and Valpaços, in the districts of Vila Real and Braga.

History: The first bibliographic references of Maronesa cattle breed backs to the middle of 19th century (1835). Visconde Vilarinho describes the region that gives the breed name (Serra do Marão) like one of the mostly hostile of the country, where no other breed would be able to be introduced.

Product specification (pdf)

Geographical area

Producer group
Agrupamento de Produtores de Carne Maronesa

Control and certification body
CERTIS - Controlo e Certificação, Lda.

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
Reg. (CE) n.º 1263/96 - L163 02.07.1996

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Aviso (extrato) n.º 12238/2013 (2ª série), de 03.10.2013
Aviso n.º 6601/2005, de 15.03.2005
Aviso n.º 11384/2000 (2ª série), de 20.07.2000
Aviso n.o 11382/2000 (2ª série), de 20.07.2000
Despacho n.º 14/94 (2ª série), de 26.01.1994
Aviso, de 26.01.1994