Queijo de Cabra Transmontano

Description: The Queijo de Cabra Transmontano PDO cheese is made with from the Serrana breednof goat milk. It’s a mature cheese, with extra-hard paste and uniform white color.

Production method: To produce Queijo de Cabra Transmontano PDO occurs the milk filtration process and its heating till to the 35 °C. Then, the milk is coagulated with natural rennet. The curd resulted is placed in moulds and is pressed by hand to remove all the whey. After this process, the cheeses are salted and left to mature for a minimum of 60 days at a temperature of between 5 °C and 18 °C and 70% to 85% humidity.

Distinctive features: The particularities of Queijo de Cabra Transmontano PDO are due its artisanal and practically unchanged production, over the years. Are also due the features of the used milk.
The dimensions of this product are of 12 to 19 cm of the diameter and weight of the 600 to 900 g. It has an intense and pleasant aroma, a clean taste with a hint of spice.

Production area: Queijo de Cabra Transmontano PDO is made in the municipal areas of Mirandela, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Alfândega da Fé, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Vila Flor, Torre de Moncorvo, Freixo de Espada à Cinta and Mogadouro in the Bragança district; the concils of Valpaços and Murça in the Vila Real district.

History: The consumption of Queijo de Cabra Transmontano PDO has played a crucial role over the years in Trás-os-Montes region.
A study developed in North region even claim that product has being represented as a marked part of the economy and food (especially the most disadvantaged population) of residents of Trás-os-Montes.

Product specification (pdf)

Geographical area

Producer group
LEICRAS - Cooperativa de Produtores de Leite de Cabra Serrana, CRL

Control and certification body
Kiwa Sativa – Unipessoal, Lda.

Control plan
Control plan (pdf)

Publication in EU official journal
Reg. (EG) n.º 1263/96 – L163 02.07.1996
Reg. (EG) n.º 510/2012 – C163 09.06.2012
Reg. (EU) n.º 436/2013 – L129 14.05.2013

Publication in the Portuguese official journal
Aviso n.º 4313/2005, de 21 de abril
Aviso n.º 4787/2007, de 14 de março