Cabrito da Gralheira PGI

Description: The Cabrito da Gralheira PGI kid meat is produced from the Serrana breed of goat which populates the northern area of Beira Litoral.

Production method: As in other areas of Portugal, where goat breeding is an important activity, these animals suit the marginal land areas very well, where they can graze on wild grasses and shrubs. This gives the meat its much appreciated and characteristic flavour. The Cabrito kid is slaughtered within its first year, when it has reached a weight of approximately 6 kg.

Distinctive features: Cabrito da Gralheira PGI plays a leading part in the gastronomy of the delightful Sierras of Beira Litoral because of its unique high quality. It also symbolises many ancient traditions and local customs and is eaten at many popular and religious festivals such as at Christmas time and Easter time.

Production area: Cabrito da Gralheira PGI is produced in the municipal areas of Arouca, Vale de Cambra, São Pedro do Sul, Oliveira de Frades, Vila Nova de Paiva and Castro Daire, in the Aveiro and Viseu districts.

History: The hardy life style of the inhabitants of the Serra da Gralheira, Caramulo, Montemuro and Nave has often been sung about by famous Portuguese song writers, who also make many references to Cabrito da Gralheira PGI and its importance in the diet of the local population, so much so that it is also the reason for many local festivals and celebrations.

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Geographical area

Producer group
CASSEPEDRO - Cooperativa Agro-Pecuária de S. Pedro do Sul CRL

Publication in EU official journal
Regulamento (CE) n.º 1107/96 da Comissão de 12.06.1996 - L 148/1