Cordeiro Mirandês / Canhono Mirandês DOP

Description: The Cordeiro Mirandês / Canhono Mirandês PDO meat comes from lambs of the Churra Galega Mirandesa breed born and raised in a traditional extensive operating system and slaughtered up to four months of age. It is a very tender, juicy and soft meat, with a consistent non-exudative fat. It is presented commercially in the form of carcasses, half-carcasses and parts packed (whole or sliced). The ribs should, after being cut, exhibit a mean thickness of 2,5 cm.

Borrego Terrincho DOP

Description: The Borrego Terrincho PDO meat, obtained from Churra da Terra Quente breed (popularly referred to as "terrincha"), is pale, tender, with almost no fat and still retaining the typical milk-fed flavour. Commercially, the Borrego Terrincho PDO comes in refrigerated carcasses or packaged parts. The carcasses are only available in November, December, January, March, April, June, July or August.

Borrego Serra da Estrela DOP

Description: The Borrego Serra da Estrela PDO meat, obtained from Bordaleira breed lambs, is particularly soft and tasty, with a well distributed interstitial and subcutaneous fat.
Commercially, the Borrego Serra da Estrela PDO is presented in carcasses with completely skinned tail, head without eyes, without lower jaw and the upper jaw cut by the bevel, members without the tarsus, without lungs and liver, and with kidneys with a good fat cover. The remaining offal can accompany the body, provided it is packaged and presented separately.