Anona da Madeira PDO

Description: Anona da Madeira PDO is a sub tropical and exotic fruit belonging to the Anona cherimolia Mill species.

Production method: This fruit is cultivated up to an altitude of 550 m above sea level on the south coast of the island and up to 280 m above sea level in the north of the island. The plant propagates with seeds, even though grafting is the most common method adopted because it produces earlier ripening and higher quality fruit. These fruits have to be picked when they are still green because they may easily drop to the ground. They are delicate fruits and must be carefully handled.

Special features: Anona da Madeira PDO is a large, smooth skinned (Anona Lisa) or scaly skinned (Anona de Escamas) fruit. The smooth variety has a smooth skin with U shaped formations; the flesh is dense, floury, hard and sweet with few seeds. The scaly variety has a thick skin, with deep U shaped reliefs; the flesh is juicy, white, soft, medium sweet and of excellent quality. The seeds are black and vary in number depending on the variety of fruit. It has a distinctive and pleasant flavour, greatly appreciated by the local population and all those who visit the island of Madeira.

Production area: Anona da Madeira PDO is grown on the island of Madeira off the Portuguese and North African coasts.

History: The history of Anona da Madeira PDO is rooted in Latin America. This species of Anona in fact probably originated in Peru and was introduced to Madeira in the 17th century by the Madeirenses returning from South America. The position of Madeira on great commercial sea routes also explains the considerable exportation of this fruit to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Many historical documents exist that attest to a certain amount of commerce in this fruit and its presence in the markets of both Lisbon and London.

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Geographical area

Producer group
Associação dos Agricultores da Madeira

Control and certification body
Comissão Técnica de Avaliação da Conformidade dos Produtos Agrícolas e dos Géneros Alimentícios da Região Autónoma da Madeira (CTAC-RAM)

Publication in EU official journal
Official Journal C229 12.08.1999
Official Journal L133 06.06.2000
Official Journal C409/59 05.12.2019