Alho da Graciosa IGP

Description: The Alho da Graciosa of the species Allium sativum L., produced exclusively on the island Graciosa, has as main characteristics:
- Firm and soft texture;
- High intensity, very pleasant flavor that leaves a slightly persistent aftertaste;
- Smell of medium-low intensity (without being crushed);
- Garlic head diameter greater than 3 cm;
- Color of the tunics of the teeth: reddish pink;
- It presents high values of Zinc (greater than 7 mg / kg), Iron (greater than 8 mg / kg); Magnesium (greater than 170 mg / kg) and Allicin (greater than 3500 mg / kg).

Production method: For the production of Alho da Graciosa, areas with good sun exposure and sheltered from strong prevailing winds are selected. The ground is prepared in the beginning of autumn and the best garlic from the cultivars of the island Graciosa are selected, that is, healthy heads, free from pests and diseases, with the largest outer teeth and a reddish pink color. Planting is carried out mainly in the months of December and January. Harvesting takes place when the foliage is dry, which usually occurs during the month of June. The plants are allowed to dry, exposed to the sun, for two or three days, when the climatic conditions allow. They can also be dried in bundles (whole plants intertwined with bulbs) in a covered area.

Special features: Alho da Graciosa is widely used in Azorean and Graciosa island cuisine, because besides the flavor and unmistakable aroma, it is used as a food preservative due to the concentration of allicin.
Production area: The geographical area of production of “Alho da Graciosa”, is the island Graciosa, in the archipelago of the Azores.

History: Garlic has been successfully implemented on the island of Graciosa, since the arrival of the first settlers in the early 15th century, due to the edaphoclimatic conditions favorable to its cultivation. From generation to generation, the Alho da Graciosa has been improved, as producers keep the best specimens for propagation and those that preserve the main characteristics, such as color and size. Since the beginning of the settlement, the rain regime and soil fertility proved to be favorable to the cultivation of horticultural products, with garlic being produced by the island's inhabitants. Graciosa has always been known as the “Land of Garlic”, with this product featured prominently on the coat of arms of the parish of São Mateus.

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Producer group
Adega e Cooperativa Agrícola da Ilha da Graciosa, CRL

Control and Certification Body
IAMA, IPR. - Instituto de Alimentação e Mercados Agrícolas

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